Top 10 Cyber Incident Pain Points: Are You Prepared?

History reveals both the good and bad when it comes to organizations dealing with cyber security incidents. Among these revelations is the overwhelming fact that vulnerabilities will always be present, but it’s how organizations respond to incidents when these vulnerabilities are exploited that determines their fate.

Regardless of how many security controls are placed on a network and the components that go into making a network operate, there will always be vulnerabilities in a connected world. So, what do you do in an environment that allows for such risk of compromise? One of the best methods of protecting organizations is by ensuring that response capabilities are effective and efficient, and one of the most valuable steps in strengthening a response capability is learning from others’ experiences.

This white paper discusses the pain points that organizations grapple with when responding to incidents, and how they can address them.

Delta Risk has gathered this data from our own analysis of real world events, observations, and findings by facilitating many cyber-based exercises and conducting penetration testing in support of various commercial and federal entities. Through our interactions with these organizations, we have identified 10 trends common to most of them.

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